Magick Lab Academy Breaks Down the Magick of Game of Thrones on August 30 on SOC Radio

By Tony Sokol

HBO (Photod 10)You don’t have to be a Red Woman to know there’s some heavy duty magick afoot in Westeros. Dragon MILFS fly and Three Eyed Ravens scry and the impending environmental doom of The White Walkers brings the dead back to life. But don’t it make their brown eyes blue? The Hollywood Witch Marie Bargas and Tony Sokol, who covers Game of Thrones for Den of Geek and Entertainment Voice, will speak in low volumes about imps and Lords of Light and other darkness. SOCRadio series Magick Lab Academy will air live on  Wednesday, August 30, at 10 p.m. EST/ 7 p.m. PST.

Magick Lab explores and explains paranormal practices the easy way: straight talk Macall B. Polay1 - HBO (Photo 2)without the gobbledygook of religion or faith. The show focuses on the non-secular mechanics of manifestation, preservation and disintegration with an emphasis on fast and easy non-denominational spellwork. There is no “dark” or “white” magic in Magick Lab, but a rainbow range of practical rituals. For an hour and a half each week, Magick Lab makes magick accessible to everyone.

The show also hosts occult experts discussing their specialties. On their premiere show, “How Karma effects the Law of Attraction and Magick,” they hosted voodoo expert Caiza D. Delashadeo of Mysts & Shadows. Astrology expert James David Wade, the Pisces Prince, joined them to discuss Venus Retrograde for the second.

Helen Sloan44 - HBO (Photo 4)Marie recently hosted gnostic expert Ana Divina, as well as the spiritually gifted musicians Karen Elaine and Gabe Hughes, House of Dreaming’s Madam X, Law of Attraction expert Habib Prince, reiki healer and intuitive lightworker Terry Robnett, occult specialists Lisa Derrick and Greg Bismarck, and author and voodoo filmmaker Lilith Sinclair.

Magick Lab Academy hosted Witchsfest founder Starr Ann RavenHawk, the “Witch Queen of New York” Lady Rhea, and The Witch of Sleepy Hollow Krystal Madison on June 28

Los Angeles Celebrity Psychic Marie Bargas lives and works among the stars and Marieheadshotcelebrities.  She is a clairvoyant, medium and energy healer who incorporates tarot, pendulum divination,  chakra cleansing and balancing, sound healing, house cleansing, yoga and meditation into her work and her life as a mystic, yogini and spell crafter. Best known as a successful “bride maker,” Marie specializes in love, romance and finding true love. She began her career as an expert on “Entertainment Tonight,” made appearances on the Fine Living Network and was featured on the Love and Sex Report with Millionaire Matchmaker – Patti Stanger and most recently on NBC’s “EXTRA.” Bargas is extremely visible on Google News in articles in which she is quoted on her knowledge of the occult and the paranormal. She is the Managing Editor of the popular ezine, Entertainment 2morrow. Marie has also joined the team of researchers, psychic mediums and paranormal experts on the ongoing “Horsefly Chronicles Investigations” based upon the best selling book, “The Horsefly Chronicles: A Demonic Haunting: Based on a true story by Phil Siracusa,” alongside Phil and her bestie Julia Siracusa. Radio (SOCRadio) Brings you quality , diverse Spiritual Shows. Magick Lab runs every Wednesday at 10 p.m Eastern time.


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Magick Lab—Retrograde Reiki Rescue—Reclaiming the Magick Within – Live Event – Mystic Journey Bookstore – Venice, CA


April 22nd, 2017—from 7:00 pm PST to 9:00 pm PST

1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Presented by Marie Bargas and Minister Ora B. Nance Woodley



As Mercury Retrograde launches yet another onslaught of missed appointments, computer glitches and transportation troubles, alongside the debris of Venus Retrograde and Saturn Retrograde; Angelenos need not brace themselves or hide under the covers. Magick Lab  is offering relief from the chaos in the form of an interactive experience that combines healing and meditation in an emergency “feel good” 2 hours of spirit, connection and DNA repair.

The class will begin with a soothing guided meditation to bring everyone into a state of receptivity in which energy blockages can be released and soul healing can begin on a very deep level. Together Marie and Ora will begin open energy channels, releasing blockages and traumas with the use of tuning forks, breathing and Seichem Reiki, a practice rediscovered by Patrick Zeigler. Ora is a Seichem Reiki Master Teacher. The group will learn how to interact as one healing force as they meditate together as a group to heal each other while learning how to send healing vibrations outward to heal the planet. For more information on Seichem Reiki Click Here.

 skhm-shenuMinister Ora B. Nance-Woodley began her spiritual service work in 1987 by answering the calling to be a minister of healing. Since then her journey of learning, teaching and healing have included study in the Master Program at Christ Universal Temple (founded by Rev., Dr. Johnnie Colemon) in Chicago, IL. Minister Ora received her Bachelors’ degree in Metaphysics at the University of Sedona and is certified in several energetic healing modalities. She has taught Meditation/Visualization, Conflict/Resolution, Tapping(4styles) Leadership, Forgiveness, Public Speaking, Muscle Testing, Seichim-Reiki and is a Phlebotomist. She also holds healing clinics around the country, raising awareness of alternative medicines and their ability to compliment standard medicine practices.

           17361894_10155124945580842_523235955524238997_n About Marie Bargas:     At the tender age of 19 Marie survived a near fatal car accident and woke up in the hospital after being in a coma for 3 days. She was left with a scar on her left hand in the shape of a crescent moon and a star which she later found out marked her as someone with a close connection to all the powers and deitiesof the Moon which include: Diana, Hecate, Isis, Kali, Archangel Gabriel and Ganesha to name a few. That brush with death intensified her intuitive abilities and she accidentally discovered that she was clairvoyant.  From then on Marie has studied the tarot, crystals, the kabala, alchemy, witchcraft, the solfeggio frequencies, the mystery schools and metaphysics with some of the most popular authors and teachers of the past few decades including but not limited to:  Z Budapest author of The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries and Edward Fitch author of Magical Rites from the Crystal Well. More recently she has been studying Kashmir Shaivism with John Hughes, the author of The Secret Supreme and the devotees of Swami Lakshmanjoo from the Universal Shaiva Fellowship in Culver City, CA and the teachings of Swami Kaleshwar with Paul Aryeh at the Shirdi Sai Temple in Tarzana, CA.

Suggested donation $30.00 but no one will be turned away for lack of funds as long as there is a reasonable energy exchange.

Marie is holding a 50% off sale on all readings and services until April 15th. Please go to to book a reading today.





Magick Lab: Mercury Retrograde Essentials – Be Prepared for the Chaos

Date:  August 20th 2016

Time:  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Special Guest: Dina Lloyd Cavanaugh – Astrologer

Location:  Mystic Journey Bookstore – Venice CA

mercury-822825_1280Popular astrologer Dina Lloyd Cavanaugh will be discussing what to expect when Mercury is going retrograde in relation to spell work and your individual chart. Mercury Retrograde oils from Mysts and Shadows will also be available for sale. Participants will be forewarned and forearmed for the upcoming Retrograde starting on August 31st early enough to cover the “shadow” period so that we can all get on with our lives without panic or missing a beat.

candle-1063429_1280As usual we will be charging candles. The candle for use with the Mercury Retrograde is orange which you can bring yourself or purchase at the store. “Fixed” candles from Mysts and Shadows will be available for purchase as well.

13726576_10209977556304759_2226011414853575356_n By popular demand Magick Lab is shifting gears and focusing on the non-secular mechanics of manifestation with an emphasis on spell work that is fast, easy and brings desired results.  Magick Lab is friendly to all spiritual paths based on the premise that there is no “dark” or “white” magick and that all Gods, faiths and practices lead back to one. The bigger purpose of Magick Lab is to unite the community not separate it based on conflicting ideologies.  Magick Lab teaches that the nature of any magickal work is solely dependent upon the intent, karma and spiritual motivations of the practitioner. The force or the energy itself is neutral.

Likewise, the formula for manifestation is represented in many paths and many cultures. Magick Lab simply distills this formula into basic elements that work universally.   You do not require an extensive background in the occult or witchcraft.  You do not require experience in working with “The Secret.”  Since Magick Lab is non-secular you are not required to convert or believe in anything that you don’t believe in, hence the name “Magick Lab” vs. “Goddess … or Temple of  …” In this class Magick Lab students will combine Candle Magic,  Chaos Magick, traditional Hindu beej mantras, tuning forks and spiritual alchemy that interweaves the works of Anna Riva, Mantak Chia and the Vedas to formulate spells using the 5 Elements.

For more information about Marie Bargas: