Magick Lab Academy to Host Gnostic Expert and Conjurer Ana Divina on May 10 on SOC Radio

By Tony Sokol


SOCRadio series Magick Lab Academy will host conjurer Ana Divina this Wednesday, May 10 at 10 p.m. EST/ 7 p.m. PST.  Magick Lab is hosted by celebrity psychic Marie Bargas and writer Tony Sokol.

Ana Divina, who goes by the alias Mamá Divina, is a practicing root worker, conjurer, quantum energy healer, reader and ascension guide who helps people manifest their intentions. Unfazed by the “realm of Darkness,” she rides “one of its dragons. The Cleveland-based spiritual counselor uses tools like Oracle Cards, crystals and her own innate gifts. She is a kundalini and practical reiki master who can be reached at The Energy Exchange at 216-359-7096.

Divina will discuss Gnosticism and how its traditions and rituals can be used for light, or refracted into darker colors.

Magick Lab explores and explains paranormal practices the easy way: straight talk without the gobbledygook of religion or faith. The show focuses on the non-secular mechanics of manifestation, preservation and disintegration with an emphasis on fast and easy non-denominational spellwork. There is no “dark” or “white” magic in Magick Lab, but a rainbow range of practical rituals. For an hour and a half each week, Magick Lab makes magick accessible to everyone.

The show also hosts occult experts discussing their specialties. On their premiere show, “How Karma effects the Law of Attraction and Magick,” they hosted voodoo expert Caiza D. Delashadeo of Mysts & Shadows. Astrology expert James David Wade, the Pisces Prince, joined them to discuss Venus Retrograde for the second. Marie recently hosted the psychically gifted musician Gabe Hughes, as well as House of Dreaming’s Madam X and occult specialists Lisa Derrick and Greg Bismark.

13726576_10209977556304759_2226011414853575356_nLos Angeles based psychic adviser Marie Bargas recently began consulting for Julia and Philip Siracusa, the author of The Horsefly Chronicles: A Demonic Haunting. The couple own Pennsylvania’s most famous haunted house. The one at the center of The Horsefly Chronicles Paranormal Case. On May 4, the trio appeared on Norene Sampiere Balovich’s Do You Believe web series on ParanormalZoneTV along with author Vanessa Hogle.

Bargas made her broadcast career as a “Vampire Expert” on Entertainment Tonight. From 2012 – 2013 her life was optioned by an Emmy Award winning television Production Company for a reality TV show about real witches. The Retrograde Renegade made appearances on the Fine Living Network, the Love and Sex Report with Millionaire Matchmaker – Patti Stanger and was a contributing writer to LA Story.

Bargas predicted this year’s Best Picture Oscar Winner Moonlight last November during her first appearance on NBC’s Extra! in a segment called “Hollywood Tomorrow.” She is also managing editor of Entertainment 2morrow where she barely manages her co-host, Gonzo journalist Tony Sokol.

Sokol is best known as the playwright who brought Vampyr Theatre to New York City in 11027447_10152769894422742_8095645911295008368_nthe 90s and the rock opera AssassiNation: We Killed Kennedy in the 00s. He writes for Den of Geek and other publications. Sokol appeared on dozens of radio shows, as well as been featured on The Joan Rivers Show, Strange Universe and other TV shows. His play Everybody ODs was recently revived by The Collective theatre troupe in Massachusetts. Radio (SOCRadio) Brings you quality , diverse Spiritual Shows. Magick Lab runs every Wednesday at 10 p.m Eastern time.

Love Magick 101: Channeling the Proper Love Goddess


Although Magick Lab is primarily a non-secular method I often get questions from many practicioners about why I use the Hindu Love Goddess, Parvati, in my Love Magick Workings.  First of all, in order to create a vibration conducive to love and romance, aspecting a deity gives the energy a boost because each Goddess contains the energy of the archetype. But, as I have discovered through practical experience, the energy that is channeled can be greatly influenced by the aspect of Divine Feminine that is activated. For many, the Greco/Roman Goddess Aphrodite/Venus is their “go to” Love Goddess.


The Golden One as depicted by Botticelli is lovely and her connection to the element of water is correct, but her backstory is less then desirable. She is a victim of the patriarchy who is married to a God that she does not love, Hephaestus, out of convenience. As a dissatisfied bride she often cheats on her husband with this brothers Ares and Dionysus.  Her situation requires her to look outside of her relationship for fulfillment. Sound familiar?

Likewise, others use Lilith (another dissatisfied bride) to charge potions and charms for sexual attraction.  While Lilith’s lilith_periodo_de_isin_larsa_y_babiloniaenergy is certainly potent, her back story is also pretty bleak. This first wife of Adam abandons her husband and takes up with a demon. Furthermore, she is punished and bears a nest of demon babies. Like Aphrodite/Venus her sexual power is diminished and she is more of the quintessential tramp and not the treasured and worshiped wife of a God who adores Her.

In contrast Parvati who is an emanation of Shakti, the Divine Feminine, is loved and adored by Shiva. Her story is one of love, devotion and discovery. After winning Shiva’s heart after He went into mourning for her last incarnation, Sati, Parvati and Shiva go on to have a love that is pure, sensual and solid.

Parvati is beautiful, well loved and adored throughout all her mythology. Her children grow up to be obedient, devoted and successful in their own spheres. And her relationship with Shiva is colored parvat1by her ability to transform herself into Durga (Justice), Kali (Death) and Pratyangira (Power), so she is not a push-over but a Goddess who can hold her own. Regardless, Shiva loves and accepts all that she is which is the kind of love that most women long for.

In most depictions of Aphrodite/Venus and Lilith, these two Goddesses are depicted alone. In juxtaposition Parvati is often depicted with her entire family seated in a place beside her husband, eternally smiling and happy. In my upcoming classes I am teaching my students how to connect with Parvati in order to nurture and harness the “forever” kind of love that they want.




Mercury Retrograde Rescue – Honoring Ganesha, Laxmi and Sarasvati – Saturday September 3rd – 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm – Mystic Journey Bookstore – Venice, CA


As Mercury Retrograde launches yet another onslaught of missed appointments, computer glitches and transportation troubles, Angelenos need not brace themselves or hide under the covers for the next 3 weeks. This week’s Magick Lab offering suggests a Vedic solution to a very modern problem that is light, fun filled and highly potent.

Our next class will bring down and center the energies of three powerful Hindu deiities that are all children of Durga (Shakti) and Shiva through beej mantras, candles, offerings and celebration.

ganesh-9The beloved Remover of Obstacles, the Eternal Child, Lord Ganesha or Ganapati is a popular energy at Mystic Journey Bookstore. Ganesha is renowned world wide by people of all faiths and spiritual paths as a friendly energy that removes the obstacles of daily life. During any Mercury Retrograde a good relationship with Ganesha is essential. Ganesha rules the South Node of the Moon and cannot be influenced by any other planets, hence he is impervious to Mercury’s backward orbit at this time.  His longer mantra AUM GUM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA can be shorted to a simple AUM without diminishing the potency of the results.

Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune is the consort of Vishnu. Together they are classified as lakshmi ashtotra satanaamaavali“Preservers.” During the treacherous twists and turns of the Mercury Retrograde, this Goddess’ energy will “preserve” your sanity at the very least and protect you from incurring any serious losses at its best. Lakshmi is also very popular at Mystic Journey Bookstore as she presides in the front foyer back to back with her brother, Ganesha. The Lotus Flower is sacred to her. Students are encouraged to purchase or bring their own Lotus Oils to class for charging. Likewise, dried Lotus flowers can be purchased at florists for placement on altars. Fresh lotus flowers would be appreciated to lay at her feet. For this session she will be seated on rice and Turmeric which are her traditional offerings in front of an offering of sparkly jewels and accessories because this Goddess loves bling.

sarasvati2Goddess Sarasvati is a crucial energy for Mercury Retrograde protection. This Goddess of Wisdom, Art, Music and Divine Speech clears away the confusion that is typical during this astrological period. As the consort of Brahma, She is a creatrix and patroness of the Arts and Music. As the purveyor of Vak or Divine Speech Sarasvati’s energy is useful in rooting out the truth in otherwise confusing situations. Sarasvati’s mount or vehicle the Swan or Hamsa, will be discussed at length. Legend has it that the Swan has such a sensitive beak that it can discern the difference between water and milk. Proper discernment during the Mercury Retrograde is important when making decisions and purchases because these things cannot be avoided, but surely minimized.


Her readings are accurate, insightful, highly energetic and often transformative. Clients experience a palpable change in their energies that have been reported to raise their vibrations and banish bad vibes. This vivacious double Libra specializes in love, romance, career and all things ruled by the planet Venus. For the past several years, Marie has been working as a psychic reader for two of the nation’s hottest psychic phone lines. She has done research for paranormal shows and has been featured on Entertainment Tonight as a “Vampire Expert” and on Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger’s “Love and Sex Report.”

MarieheadshotFrom 2012 – 2013 her life was optioned by an Emmy Award winning television production company for a reality tv show about real witches. Today, Marie incorporates her knowledge of the occult, spellcraft, yoga and mantra in readings, spells, aura cleansings, hex reversals and curse removals.

At the tender age of 19 Marie survived a near fatal car accident and woke up in the hospital after being in a coma for 3 days. She was left with a scar on her left hand in the shape of a crescent moon and a star which she later found out marked her as someone with a close connection to all the powers and deitiesof the Moon which include: Diana, Hecate, Isis, Kali, Archangel Gabriel and Ganesha to name a few. That brush with death intensified her intuitive abilities and she accidentally discovered that she was clairvoyant.  From then on Marie has studied the tarot, crystals, the kabala, alchemy, witchcraft, the solfeggio frequencies, the mystery schools and metaphysics with some of the most popular authors and teachers of the past few decades including but not limited to:  Z Budapest author of The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries and Edward Fitch author ofMagical Rites from the Crystal Well. More recently she has been studying Kashmir Shaivism with John Hughes, the author of The Secret Supreme and the devotees of Swami Lakshmanjoo from the Universal Shaiva Fellowship in Culver City, CA and the teachings of Swami Kaleshwar with Paul Aryeh at the Shirdi Sai Temple in Tarzana, CA.

For more information please call Mystic Journey Bookstore at 310.399.7070.

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What is the basis for Magick Lab?

magicklabBy popular demand Magick Lab is shifting gears and focusing on the non-secular mechanics of manifestation, preservation and disintegration with an emphasis on spell work that is fast, easy and brings desired results.  Magick Lab is friendly to all spiritual paths based on the premise that there is no “dark” or “white” magick and that all Gods, faiths and practices lead back to one. The bigger purpose of Magick Lab is to unite the community, not separate it based on conflicting ideologies.  Magick Lab teaches us that the nature of any magickal work is solely dependent upon the intent, karma and spiritual motivations of the practitioner. The force or the energy itself is neutral.

Likewise, the formulas for manifestation are represented in many paths and many cultures. Magick Lab simply distills these formulas into basic elements that work universally.   You do not require an extensive background in the occult or witchcraft.  You do not require experience in working with “The Secret.”  Since Magick Lab is non-secular you are not required to convert or believe in anything that you don’t believe in, hence the name “Magick Lab” vs. “Goddess … or Temple of  …”

Magick Lab makes magick accessible to everyone.