Magick Lab: Mercury Retrograde Essentials – Be Prepared for the Chaos

Date:  August 20th 2016

Time:  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Special Guest: Dina Lloyd Cavanaugh – Astrologer

Location:  Mystic Journey Bookstore – Venice CA

mercury-822825_1280Popular astrologer Dina Lloyd Cavanaugh will be discussing what to expect when Mercury is going retrograde in relation to spell work and your individual chart. Mercury Retrograde oils from Mysts and Shadows will also be available for sale. Participants will be forewarned and forearmed for the upcoming Retrograde starting on August 31st early enough to cover the “shadow” period so that we can all get on with our lives without panic or missing a beat.

candle-1063429_1280As usual we will be charging candles. The candle for use with the Mercury Retrograde is orange which you can bring yourself or purchase at the store. “Fixed” candles from Mysts and Shadows will be available for purchase as well.

13726576_10209977556304759_2226011414853575356_n By popular demand Magick Lab is shifting gears and focusing on the non-secular mechanics of manifestation with an emphasis on spell work that is fast, easy and brings desired results.  Magick Lab is friendly to all spiritual paths based on the premise that there is no “dark” or “white” magick and that all Gods, faiths and practices lead back to one. The bigger purpose of Magick Lab is to unite the community not separate it based on conflicting ideologies.  Magick Lab teaches that the nature of any magickal work is solely dependent upon the intent, karma and spiritual motivations of the practitioner. The force or the energy itself is neutral.

Likewise, the formula for manifestation is represented in many paths and many cultures. Magick Lab simply distills this formula into basic elements that work universally.   You do not require an extensive background in the occult or witchcraft.  You do not require experience in working with “The Secret.”  Since Magick Lab is non-secular you are not required to convert or believe in anything that you don’t believe in, hence the name “Magick Lab” vs. “Goddess … or Temple of  …” In this class Magick Lab students will combine Candle Magic,  Chaos Magick, traditional Hindu beej mantras, tuning forks and spiritual alchemy that interweaves the works of Anna Riva, Mantak Chia and the Vedas to formulate spells using the 5 Elements.

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