SOC Radio Drops Magick Lab Talk With Real Vampires Lady Gia Bathory and Tim Bey on YouTube

Vampires walk among us. We’ve been told this for years by such renowned researchers as Montague Summers, authors like Bram Stoker and filmmakers like Tod Browning. They also talk among us here at Magick Lab Academy.

SOCRadio series Magick Lab Academy chatted with real vampires Queen Lady Gia Bathory and Tim Bey on  Wednesday, August 16. The pair, who are both affiliated with Goddess Rosemary’s Temple Sahjaza spoke about secret rituals, ancient lineages, occult knowledge, dinner and dancing with celebrity psychic and Hollywood Witch Marie Bargas, and writer Tony Sokol.

“House Sahjaza also has its roots in Pagan ways,” founder Goddess Rosemary wrote in the temple’s Book of Secrets. “As Vampyres we can sense the changing of the energy within the seasons, we choose to celebrate the Greater and Lesser Sabbats as days to honor the deities we work with, a time for self reflection, House energy workings or personal energy workings and goals, as well as House ascensions, times of remembrance, naming ceremonies, and magick.”

The interview is available now on YouTube and you can listen to it here:

19424077_1865437650373644_4364066207490567798_nTim Bey is the editor-in-chief of the Real Vampire Life E-Zine an offshoot of John Reason’s Real Vampire News. The magazine celebrates the rich diversity of Vampire culture and knowledge.

20431610_10203332249422476_5023883161882159476_nLady Gia Bathory is an entertainer, author, actress, model, and fashion design company owner, The Queen is spearheading the construction of the The Temple of Great Mother, a retreat and spiritual Sanctuary dedicated to Tiamat and Dionysus, which will be the centerpiece of an off-grid community. She is the author of the poetry boo “Eyes of the Abyss” and “The Trouble with the Pears.” She was featured as  the Cthulhu Priestess in the independent film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s Beyond the Wall of Sleep, and co-starred in Full Moon Horror Queen. she co-produced the 2014 Bad Things Vampire Ball with Dj Lore, aka  King Maven Lore.

Bathory will also be co-producing the Bloodlust: Old World, a three-day event in New Orleans later this year.


Magick Lab explores and explains paranormal practices the easy way: straight talk without the gobbledygook of religion or faith. The show focuses on the non-secular mechanics of manifestation, preservation and disintegration with an emphasis on fast and easy non-denominational spellwork. There is no “dark” or “white” magic in Magick Lab, but a rainbow range of practical rituals. For an hour and a half each week, Magick Lab makes magick accessible to everyone.

The show also hosts occult experts discussing their specialties. On their premiere show, “How Karma effects the Law of Attraction and Magick,” they hosted voodoo expert Caiza D. Delashadeo of Mysts & Shadows. Astrology expert James David Wade, the Pisces Prince, joined them to discuss Venus Retrograde for the second.

17361894_10155124945580842_523235955524238997_nMarie recently hosted gnostic expert Ana Divina, as well as the spiritually gifted musicians Karen Elaine and Gabe Hughes, House of Dreaming’s Madam X, Law of Attraction expert Habib Prince, reiki healer and intuitive lightworker Terry Robnett, occult specialists Lisa Derrick and Greg Bismarck, and author and voodoo filmmaker Lilith Sinclair.

gia bathory

Magick Lab Academy hosted Witchsfest founder Starr Ann RavenHawk, the “Witch Queen of New York” Lady Rhea, and The Witch of Sleepy Hollow Krystal Madison on June 28.

Los Angeles based psychic adviser Marie Bargas recently began consulting for Julia and Philip Siracusa, the author of The Horsefly Chronicles: A Demonic Haunting. The couple own Pennsylvania’s most famous haunted house. The one at the center of The Horsefly Chronicles Paranormal Case. On May 4, the trio appeared on Norene Sampiere Balovich’s Do You Believe web series on ParanormalZoneTV along with author Vanessa Hogle.

Bargas made her broadcast career as a “Vampire Expert” on Entertainment Tonight. From 2012 – 2013 her life was optioned by an Emmy Award winning television Production Company for a reality TV show about real witches. The Retrograde Renegade made appearances on the Fine Living Network, the Love and Sex Report with Millionaire Matchmaker – Patti Stanger and was a contributing writer to LA Story.

Bargas predicted this year’s Best Picture Oscar Winner Moonlight last November during her first appearance on NBC’s Extra! in a segment called “Hollywood Tomorrow.” She is also managing editor of Entertainment 2morrow where she barely manages her co-host, Gonzo journalist Tony Sokol.

VampiresSokol is best known as the playwright who brought Vampyr Theatre to New York City in the 90s and the rock opera AssassiNation: We Killed Kennedy in the 00s. He writes for Den of Geek and other publications. Sokol appeared on dozens of radio shows, as well as been featured on The Joan Rivers Show, Strange Universe and other TV shows. His play Everybody ODs was recently revived by The Collective theatre troupe in Massachusetts. Radio (SOCRadio) Brings you quality , diverse Spiritual Shows. Magick Lab runs every Wednesday at 10 p.m Eastern time.


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