Navigating Mercury Retrograde with the Astrological Houses as Your Compass

Guest Blogger:  Astrologer Dina Lloyd Cavanaugh


Mercury Retrograde. Two little words that are enough to put fear in the most stoic of individuals. Traditionally, it’s an event that occurs three times as year for approximately three weeks. This year, 2016, it will happen four times, with the fourth occurrence happening at the beginning of the holiday season through the New Year (12/22 – 1/8).

In general, Mercury Retrograde is a time when we don’t do any of the following:
• Negotiate or sign contracts
• Start a new job or move
• Avoid going on vacation or traveling, if possible
• Make major purchases
Expect the following:
• Delays
• Miscommunications (missing emails and/or misunderstandings)

There is a misconception that computers come under the rule of Mercury but Uranus is technology-785742_640
actually the ruler of all things technological. However, we communicate via electronics (emails, texting) which makes the matter somewhat confusing. That being said, I wouldn’t buy a computer at this time. Why? Because it’s a computer? No, because it’s a major purchase!
So, how does Mercury retrograde effect you personally? You need to look at your astrological chart to determine the house(s) where Mercury is at the beginning of the transit and where he is at the end of the transit. Oftentimes, Mercury will be at the beginning or end of a house which means it will reverse back to the previous house.

Here’s some guidelines as to what to expect by house:

First House: This is a good time for you to look inward, to reevaluate where you are currently mentally, emotionally and/or psychologically. Expect for this to be a time of introspection and contemplation.
Second House: Watch your finances! Be careful or avoid major purchases during this time and watch your spending.
Third House: This is one of Mercury’s houses, so you can expect all things Mercurial to be effected, especially communications. If you have siblings, there may be some strain, arguments or misunderstandings. It is inevitable that at some point during this period, you are going to feel misunderstood. Try to be very clear in your communications, and it certainly won’t hurt to ensure that other people absolutely understand where you are coming from.
Fourth House: This represents your home, your nurturing parent and what makes you feel safe. When Mercury is transiting this house, you can probably expect some hiccups within the home, perhaps through your relations with your immediate family or mother. This certainly would not be a good time to make an offer or buy a house as it would mean something would have to be readdressed after Mercury goes direct.
Fifth House: If you have children, this could be a time when they are having issues of some sort. The fifth house also represents love affairs or non-legal relationships (i.e., living together) which means you could experience some conflict with your significant other.
Sixth House: This is Mercury’s other house but whereas the third house is concerned with communications and siblings, the sixth house is the house of service. With Mercury retrograde in this house, you are probably looking at conflicts at work or with employers. That being said, if you need to do organizational work of any kind, this is the time for it! And, just like the third house, there is a strong chance you will feel misunderstood at some point during this period.


Seventh House: This the house of relationships, marriage and open enemies. The most likely outcome with Mercury at this time is some strife in relationships. This would certainly not be the time to get married!
Eighth House: Be careful during this period if you work with money, especially other people’s money. Make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s. There could also be potential delays in collecting settlements or inheritances, if applicable.
Ninth House: The primary outcome for Mercury transiting this house would only be applicable if traveling, especially long-distance or internationally. Expect delays and probable screw-ups with reservations. On a more esoteric level, this is the house of religion and philosophy, so this could be a time where you turn inwards and reevaluate your belief system and work on spiritual self-improvement.
Tenth House: When retrograde Mercury transits your house of career and public opinion, expect some sort of setback at work such as projects stalling or negotiations be difficult. As stated before, this is not a time to negotiate or sign contracts. If anything, this is the time to draft such documents and address key points. On a more personal level, this could indicate a time of reevaluating your priorities in regards to your career or occupation.
Eleventh House: During this time, you may find yourself pulling away from your usual groups and/or friends, desiring solo time for contemplation. You may also experience misunderstandings with friends.
Twelfth House: Most definitely a time of introspection and contemplation. In rare instances, there could be a hospital confinement but that’s not the usual scenario.
So, all in all, Mercury in retrograde is not a death sentence or the end of the world. It simply means this is time for us all to stop the hurly burly that rules our everyday lives, stand back, contemplate and take a deep breath. This is the time for finishing project, not starting them. If we follow a few key pointers during this time, it doesn’t have be the traumatic period that Mercury in retrograde has unfairly gained.

Date:  August 20th 2016

Time:  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Special Guest: Dina Lloyd Cavanaugh – Astrologer

Location:  Mystic Journey Bookstore – Venice CA


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